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Car Insurance

When you start to consider the various types of car insurance coverage available it can get overwhelming.  Let us help.  Here are a few basic facts about Auto Insurance

What types of Car Insurance are there?

  1.  Liability only –  This type of car insurance is the basic minimum.  If you are involved in an accident that is considered your fault you must carry insurance in order to pay for the other parties damage.  That’s what liability insurance covers.
  2. Full Coverage –  This type of insurance must be carried if you lease or finance your vehicle.   It included Liability coverages as well as comprehensive and collision coverage.  The Liability covers the vehicle of the other party while the comprehensive and collision portions cover your vehicle
  3. There are 5 types of coverages where you would benefit from having a non-required coverage added to your policy. 1. Liability Insurance 2. Collision Coverage  3. Comprehensive Coverage  4. Personal Injury Protection  5. Uninsured /Underinsured Motorist Protection

Is it required by your state?

The answer is yes.  You are required to carry at minimum Liability Insurance on a vehicle in order to operate it with a state.  The amount of coverage varies.  In the state of NC you are required to carry a minimum of 30/60/25.

At Kent Moore Insurance we work to find you an appropriate plan that not only saves you money but meets your coverage needs.  Contact us today to review your situation and find a policy for you.