General Liability Insurance

What happens when the unexpected happens?

For the majority of businesses, staying in “the black” is top priority. Can you be certain that all of your business transactions are guaranteed to be profitable? No.


General Liability Insurance can make sure your business is covered in case of:general liability insurance

  • accidents or injuries
  • any liability that require medical expenses
  • damage from anything sold on location
  • lawsuit (including attorney’s fees, court costs and defense)
  • fire
  • theft and burglary
  • vandalism

Keep your business out of the red by making sure it’s protected against liabilities. We are knowledgeable in assessing and customizing the coverage needed to keep you fully protected.

A standard commercial general liability policy (also known as comprehensive general liability insurance) provides insurance coverage for lawsuits arising from injury to employees and public, property damage caused by an employee and injuries suffered by the negligent action of employees. The policy may also cover infringement on intellectual property, slander, libel, contractual liability, tenant liability and employment practices liability.

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Insurance coverage in a CGL policy includes bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, medical payments, and premises and operations liability. In case of lawsuits, insurers provide coverage for compensatory and general damages; punitive damages are generally not covered under the policy, although they may be covered if they are permitted by the jurisdiction of the state in which the policy was issued. The amount of risk associated with the business and the size of the business determines the total coverage.